Our Vision 2013-2018

Our vision will become even more exciting with age. We will go bigger as new direction, resources, and people come into our great circle. Here is the vision we committed to accomplish on January 6, 2013.

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  • 400+ New Christians
  • 125+ Baptized
  • 150+ New Members
  • 30+ New Leaders Trained, Empowered, & Commissioned
  • Destiny iChurch Fully Operational
  • Destiny Second Campus Pre-launch
  • 1000’s Loved For Christ
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      • 3+ Destiny Locations
      • 5,000+ New Christians Projected At Destiny Campuses, Outreaches, and World Missions!
      • Destiny Main Campus Membership: 1000+
      • 1000’s Of New Christians Projected @ Destiny iChurch
      • iChurch Membership: 10,000+
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          We are hope for the hopeless…

          • Where every person is welcomed, cherished, and empowered for greatness.
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              We are a catalyst of spiritual maturity…

              • With dynamic church meetings, LIFEGroups (sermon based, common interest, recovery, and advanced discipleship), hosted conferences, intentional leadership development, and a Bible college.
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                  We are unrelenting in prayer and worship…

                  • Unapologetic in high praise, deep worship, and passionate prayer through our regular church meetings, special prayer and worship events, and our annual one-week 24/7 prayer, worship, and fasting event.
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                      We are achieving as a team with the DFC Leadership System…

                      • We turn followers into leaders by coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring. We believe in team leadership. No leader leads alone.
                      • Our senior pastor serves and leads 5 teams of 5, who each serve and lead 5 teams of 5—and so on.
                      • We push our culture of leadership deep into the ministry to provide varying levels of opportunity for every individual.
                      • We provide a clearly defined ministry system, job descriptions for each ministry role, and annual goals for measuring our growth and overall effectiveness.
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                          We are dedicated to Christian ministry at home and abroad…

                          • We commission at least one careered missionary and five full time ministers—each year.
                          • We start at least one new DFC multi-site location or one daughter church every two years.
                          • We empower every member for a personal, God-sized life mission in the world.
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                              We are welcoming to our community with our beautiful, yet simple, facilities…

                              • Including a future (Augusta County) regional worship center seating 1200 people, a counseling and prayer center, internet café’ (opened to the public), classrooms for Bible studies and training lay ministers, and an outdoor recreation area.
                              • Each of our future mutli-site locations and daughter church campuses will be designed to bless our local communities and traveling guests—spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially—set in a peaceful, inspiring garden landscape, and with modern décor throughout our facilities.
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                                  We are becoming a 1,000 member local/regional congregation…

                                  • Influencing Augusta County and the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro: Harrisonburg to the north, Roanoke to the south, Charlottesville and Richmond to the east, and Highland County to the west:
                                  • 350 Members 2013 (2 services)
                                  • 500 Members 2014 (2 services + 2nd Campus)
                                  • 650 Members 2015 (3 services + 2nd Campus)
                                  • 800 Members 2016 (New Facility – 1 Service + 3rd Campus)
                                  • 1000 Members 2017 (1 Service + 3rd Campus)
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                                      We are connected with Christians worldwide through the Destiny iChurch…

                                      • Destiny iChurch is a future expansion of our ministry. It will be more than another Internet resource center where people watch services and download content.
                                      • Destiny iChurch will create real time interaction between main campus members and iChurch members worldwide: with live video chatting stations throughout our facilities, and multiple flat screens hanging in the sanctuary where iChurch members from all over the world will attend real time services…
                                      • We will create a system of ministry specifically designed for people who are not physically able to attend a church.
                                      • We will offer various levels of partnership with iChurch members: some will also be members of home churches, and others will not.
                                      • We will minister to hundreds and thousands of families and individuals in all fifty states, and eventually tens of thousands from around the world.
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                                          So Shall It Be…

                                          1. Our statement of intent (a one and five year vision for our church family) is the result of searching for God’s will, writing a plan, and committing to do it.
                                          2. Our vision will start to become a reality this year, until it reaches complete fruition over the next 5 years.
                                          3. Slowly, steadily, and surely everything will happen just as it is presented this day, January 6 2013!