We strategically unite around 7 great purposes each year. We describe these purposes with 7 verbs: Care, Spark, Impart, Love, Celebrate, Reach, and Inspire.

Of course we have other events throughout the year, but these 7 Events are built around seven essentials for Christian ministry, to drive the forces of balance and momentum.

People who really want to grow in their faith and make a difference for Christ, should commit to all 7 Events, each year. Schedule them. Plan your vacations around them. 7 Events!

  1. Care
    1. This is our annual outreach to the destitute.
    2. It happens in February of each year.
  2. Spark
    1. This is our annual one-week 24/7 prayer, worship, & fasting event.
    2. Worship teams play live worship
    3. 6:30-8:30am, 11:00am-1:00pm, 6:30-10:30pm (2 hours X 2 teams)
    4. It happens in late spring each year.
  3. Impart
    1. This is our annual children & youth event.
    2. We are known around the county for our Vacation Bible School!
    3. Also, we’re adding a local/regional youth event in 2014.
  4. Love
    1. This is our annual love Augusta County event.
    2. Each year we select individuals and families who are in need of help, and we bless them in many ways: light home remodeling, landscaping, car repairs, etc.
    3. Also, we are always searching for creative ways to bless our community with God’s love.
  5. Celebrate
    1. This is our annual Destiny Family Center anniversary celebration.
    2. We celebrate from Sunday through Wednesday, with dynamic worship and gifted speakers nightly. Plus on the opening Sunday night we provide fireworks and free food to our community.
    3. It happens on the third week of August.
  6. Reach
    1. This is our annual evangelistic event.
    2. Our goal with this event is to bring hundreds of unchurched people to Jesus, through creative evangelism.
    3. It happens from September to November.
  7. Inspire
    1. This is our annual inspire the community event.
    2. Here we expose DFC to our community as a fun, loving, and creative church!
    3. It happens in December.

A special 7 Events t-shirt will be awarded at the 2013 Christmas service to everyone who participates in all 7 Events.

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